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Keith Mckittrick as a Director and a Coach in Hockey
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    A certain track might require an individual who aims for success to have deep knowledge and relevant qualities as well. They should work hard even though they do not yet encounter magnificent results. If ever there is of great dilemmas never consider giving up rather make sure to believe on yourself. They should also have a positive outlook in life although they have a very complicated problem to handle as well just like Keith Mckittrick. Inspite of adversities in life, this man stays positive, believe to himself no matter what other says and works hard to achieve success.

    Aside from that, Keith is open-minded. Keith would still listen to what the head coach has to say and also to the opinions of those that are part of the hockey club though he has the qualities as great assistant coach and he has numbers of great achievements as well. Through this, he will be a better assistant coach wherein he could correct certain mistakes and he will also be aware if he is hurting other’s feelings.

    Keith Mckittrick is very willing to serve as he becomes happy and fulfilled in the sport every day. When he helps all his players to develop their innate talents and see learnings, he becomes more driven. This is also the reason why this man stays a lot longer in Hockey therefore would greatly benefit the team as well. He can give ample time for the practice game so that player development will be attained. This man could also sacrifice some of his commitments just for the sake of the team being an interested and happy coach of the Hockey club named Portland Winterhawks.

    Keith Mckittrick also possesses integrity which means he acts in a professional way. Aside from the knowledge, he follows the code of ethics in the sport which can make him as a good role model to all the members of the team. For sure, all young athletes under Keith will learn to emulate the same character and wisdom that they will bring in the future. The style of teaching of this man would be showing over-imbuing enthusiasm in order for the team to have the eagerness of learning hockey.

    Keith Mckittrick has numbers of qualities perfect to let him be successful in life as his secrets along with the knowledge that he already has.

    Like Keith Mckittrick, everyone should choose to do things they are passionate about. He found that happiness in playing hockey. This sport serves as his daily motivation and inspiration. When he was young, he was totally fond of the sport. This pushed him to take his bachelor’s degree, major in sports management at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. The university serves as training ground to become an effective and more responsive coach, director, and a person in general.

    Keith has earned a good reputation for being a hockey operation director at Michigan State University whom everyone can trust and rely on. He is the one who gives game presentation regarding video breakdowns as well as post-game individual player reviews and evaluations. He also assists the staff when it comes to the recruiting process of the university. Lastly, he oversees travel budget and team travel operations. He has not only been the director of Hockey Operations of the school. He also became the director of the sport for skids and team liaison. In this way, Keith Mckittrick has proven to everybody that he has many talents that would benefit many clubs and young athletes.

    Before handling the position of a director at Michigan State University, Keith has been an assistant for around two years at Minnesota Wild. Subsequently, he worked with USA hockey as the video coach at Three Nations Tournament conducted in 2006. Then, he worked again as the video coach at the USA Hockey during the world junior championship. Once trusted with a particular task, Keith ensures that he made his best and put all his heart at the job. In this way, he can prove to the individuals around him that he indeed deserve the position given to him. With the remarkable experience. Mr. Mckittrick was able to widen his horizon and make himself and his skills much better.

    Summing up, Keith Mckittrick as a director and a coach in hockey has done extraordinary things to the field. He helped the Michigan State University and the USA

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