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  • It is no secret that today's youth culture is formed through an
    intricate network of social and environmental factors. From the
    music subculture to professional athletics Authentic Ersan Ilyasova Jersey , to brandlifestyle
    marketing, kids are getting message about what is "cool" and
    how they are supposed to act. Unfortunately the vast majority of
    these "influencers" are negative and the effects are seen
    throughout our society. Attempting to change this flow of culture
    is a monumental task and is effectively impossible through force
    or just discipline. The only way to effectively change anything is
    from the inside out. Kids must first believe it really is "cool" to be
    drug-free, positive and productive members of society. They
    must desire positive goals and actually want to be a good person.
    So how do can we make this happen? How do we change an
    entire culture?

    Well I am certainly not suggesting that it can happen overnight,
    but like with any change it starts small, builds momentum and
    when a critical mass is achieved, major change can then happen
    in a very short period of time. When I got out of college I moved
    to Sweden for 3 months. I loved the country and the people Authentic Dwight Howard Jersey , but
    one of the things that stays with me today was the culture.
    Young people in their early 20's took cabs, they didn't drive
    drunk. It was somehow engrained in them that to drive drunk
    was shameful, and if someone even attempted it, they would
    stop himher collectively. They also frowned on drug use. It was
    amazing to listen to these 20-somethings (I was 26 at the time)
    brand drug-users as losers and the lowest in society. At a house
    party they would wear slacks and nice shirts, it was mandatory
    to take off your shoes entering any house. Sweden wasn't perfect
    of course, but the culture had somehow bred a generation of
    youth that had many things right.

    Back to the US Authentic Dominique Wilkins Jersey , today's youth seem to glorify drug use, accept
    drunk-driving and look at anything eccentric as "cool". Why? The
    answer is simple, they are being fed these images and lifestyles
    daily via the main cultural "influencers". Musicians, Actors,
    Actresses, Athletes and other visible persona's are seen living
    lifestyles that glamorize all the things we want kids to avoid. So
    the answer is Authentic Dikembe Mutombo Jersey , find some major "influencers" who live right, get
    them in front of kids and start glorifying how "cool" it is to live
    drug-free. How "cool" it is to set positive goals, to give back, to
    make a positive impact on the world. So we ask the question,
    who do kids look up to? And then we MUST get as many of those
    role-models in front of their eyes on TV, in print Authentic Dennis Schroder Jersey , and as much as
    possible in person to create a positive effect.
    Kids are actually more impressionable that we realize, and they
    will respond just as powerfully to positive stimuli as they do to
    the negative. The problem is overwhelm, they are overwhelmed
    with the negative, and we sit back and let it happen.
    Think of ways you can create positive influences in your
    community. Organize a football camp with a pro football player.
    Get some former athletes with big names in your local area to
    come to a kids camp. Find some local musicians that promote a
    positive message and get them to your local street fairs and
    festivals. Think of all the ways you can fight back by sending
    positive messages and images to kids glorifying a positive
    attitude and goal-setting.

    I hope this short article will inspire even a few parents who have
    the resources to make an impact. Get these positive role-models
    on TV, in the news, in magazines and bring them to your events
    or school in person. It may be the only chance we have to start
    changing the cultural climate and effect positive change for this
    generation and the next.

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