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California Marriage Records
  • A marriage record is generated every time a couple decides to settle down. The Freedom of Information Act has mandated the government to make all of the marriage records opened to the public for their own personal use.

    A lot of useful information can be found on a marriage record. One can see the basic details of the bride and groom such as their full name and birth date and birth place. The names of the parents are indicated on the file. Details about the marriage are the primary information that can be seen on the document. One can find the date and place where the marriage took place. One can also find the names of the sponsors and the witnesses that came to the event. Some state even indicates the details about the previous marriage of an individual.


    A marriage record is used in a number of ways. One of the common reasons is to conduct a genealogy California Marriage Records research. Transactions in the government may even require a marriage certificate. This is also true when processing insurance. On the other hand, it is one of the needed documents that have to be presented when processing divorce.

    The state?s office of the Vital Records Section manages public documents including marriage records. One has to go there in order to process the retrieval of the document. Public Marriage Records Free Another way to get a copy of the certificate is to go to the office of the county clerk where image the marriage took place and file request from there. Only the individual whose name is on the record are the only ones allowed to request for the record. Authorized individuals are given the access provided that they present a letter of authority from the couple themselves. The requesting individual will be asked to provide their name and address for documentation purposes. Top make the search easier, it is necessary that the basic information of the couple be known and indicate it on the request.

    Traditional retrieval of the record takes a while and can consume a whole day. One has to be prepared to wait and fall in line to process the request. With the development of the Internet, this has now been eliminated. There is o need to even go to the office and file the request. It can be done even at home and the result is obtained right away. There is no need to wait for several days to get a copy of the record.

    Using the Internet to obtain the document is the fastest method there is. One can do a free marriage records search from the Internet. A paid search is still preferred by many because of the accuracy and completeness of the information found from the result of the search.

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