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  • In general, however, these kinds of Web Site chocolate are of high quality.

    Bitter Chocolate, aka Chocolate, Baking Chocolate, Pure Chocolate


    What follows are some definitions of distinct kinds of chocolate, and a few other chocolatey conditions for good measure.
    One thing you should avoid, though, is using chocolate chips in place once melting is called for by the recipe. The very low cocoa butter content makes chips poor for melting.

    Bittersweet Chocolate

    Aka Cacao Nibs, Raw Cacao, Roasted Cacao, Ground Cacao

    Cocoa butter is also utilized in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It smoothes into the skin nicely since it melts at about 97 ° F. It is resistant to spoilage and has healing properties.

    Includes at least 15 percent chocolate liquor, plus cocoa butter and sugar in varying amounts. 

    There is no such thing as an olive oil. It is most likely a chocolate perfume oil, should you see chocolate oil.

    Dark Chocolate, aka Semisweet Chocolate
    Announced zhahn-DOO-yuh, aka Gianduia

    Ground Chocolate

    Chocolate coating or coating chocolate? Aaaaaaah! Couverture is the fantastic stuff -- usually some type of dark chocolate with extra cocoa butter added to allow it to melt nicely for enrobing (drizzling on the exterior of a chocolate confection). Since the high cocoa butter content (roughly 35-45 percent) makes it melt well, it is excellent for chocolate fountains, and usually no oil need be inserted.

    It is used for baking and also to create other varieties of chocolate. Many bakers prefer this type of chocolate for baking because they have more control.

    The different types of chocolate can be rather confusing, but we all know something--whether it is made for eating, that's the kind we would like! 

    Your recipe specifies! Generally speaking, recipes will typically specify at least "unsweetened baking soda (#1 above)" or "bittersweet baking soda (#2 above)." Whether there is cocoa butter added or not is not going to make or break your recipe.


    White chocolate isn't technically one of the sorts of chocolate since it does not contain any chocolate liquor. It must include 14% milk and at least 20 percent cocoa butter, plus sugar in quantities.

    Cocoa Butter

    Plain cocoa powder -- good is used by most American recipes. It will often specify it if a recipe requires Dutch cocoa. In general, regular cocoa is used in recipes with baking soda (that is alkaline), and Dutch cocoa is used in recipes using baking powder (which is acidic).

    Milk Chocolate

    Aka Unsweetened Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Powder, Unsweetened Cocoa
    Aka Baker's chocolate (Baker's can also be a brand name)

    aka Chocolate Candies, Truffles, Creams, Pralines, etc..

    Chocolate extract is a good way without adding fat to add chocolate flavor, however, the taste can be a bit strong. It's made out of vanilla extract; cacao beans are high in alcohol.

    This is the basis of all types of chocolate, by grinding cacao beans shaped. Nothing is included, and it doesn't contain alcohol, despite the name. It naturally contains about 53 percent cocoa butter (fat).

    Nutella tomato.

    Nutella is a great example.
    Chocolate made with hazelnuts ground to powder. It still has a smooth, chocolatey texture, but has the taste of hazelnuts. An invention, depending on whom you think. Who cares? It's yummy.

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