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Sacramento County Divorce Records Free Access
  • The Superior Court in Sacramento takes care of the documentation of the Sacramento County divorce records in accordance to the laws and guidelines provided by the Family Laws in important source California. The County actually issues the reports either online through the family court or via an off-site facility. There are certain case numbers which can be found right at the courthouse and no longer have to be pre-ordered. In case you do not know the case number then you should check out the court?s public access site. The case number is a must to have without it the search can never be conducted.


    There are three ways in which you are able to make a request of the divorce records of a person. First, you can drop by the office of the Family Court and talk to the staff and tell them of what you are trying to request. Second, you can authorize a family member or a friend to do the request for you. Third, you can hire a private agency or a lawyer to do the appeal for you before the court. The good news is that even those coming from outside the state can request for a copy of it by simply filling out the Out of State Request for Family Law Records. The form can be downloaded online through the court?s website.

    For you to acquire a certified copy of the divorce document, the court must issue a copy for Sacramento County Marriage Records certification. More so, a copy can only be obtained if you can show a valid document that you are indeed the owner of the record. In this case, you should be able to provide a valid state or federally issued photo identification. And then you must obtain a ticket from the Reception Booth which can be transacted between 8:00 AM to 3 PM. The secret is to come by the office early so you can finish your business at an earliest time possible.

    The Request for Copies Form contains the relevant information for your request to get going. They include the case number, requesting party, case name, phone number and the date of filing. And then you will be asked if you are after of the standard copies, certified copies or the exemplified copies. These different types of copies come with different rates. A standard copy would cost you $.50 per page; a certified copy is $25.00 plus the standard copy fee. An exemplified copy costs $50.00 per case plus the standard copy fee. When you already have all the requirements in your hands then you place the completed form along with the service charge in a self-addressed, stamped envelope and mail to the Superior Court?s office.

    Information on Sacramento County divorce decree can be ordered this time not through a local agency but through the services of an online image records solution. Yes, it is possible nowadays without having to ask for consent from the court or any authority in Sacramento. The key is to type in the basic information of the person of interest and pay for the online fee. It is definitely worth your money for you can certainly obtain a complete set of information on the divorce record which you can leverage for whatever purposes they may serve.

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