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Forskolin Extract Obesity
  • Introduction to Forskolin
    Forskolin is a popular supplement, therapeutic drug and research tool that entered medical practice from ayurvedic medicine [R1].
    It is obtained from an Indian plant known as Plecthranthus barbatus or Coleus forskohli [R2].
    Forskolin has many potentially useful properties:
    It stimulates cyclic AMP
    Lowers blood pressure
    Prevents blockage of blood vessels
    Promotes weight loss
    Relaxes muscles
    Influences hormone release
    Restores function of heart cells
    Lowers inflammation
    Kills different types of cancer cells
    The following article will discuss potential uses and side effects of cyclic AMP, forskolin and forskolin derivatives.
    Where Does Forskolin Come From?
    As was mentioned earlier, forskolin is a plant-derived substance.
    It is produced in the root-cells of Plecthranthus barbatus/Coleus forskohli [R3, R4].
    Forskolin is obtained primarily from dried root [R5].
    Wider-spectrum extracts such as teas and powders are also used [R6, R7, R8].
    Analogues of forskolin have also been investigated:
    colforsin daropate [R9]
    NKH477 [R10]
    FSK88 [R11]
    All of image those substances have the common ability to activate adenylate cyclase, which produces cyclic adenosine monosphate (cAMP) [R12].
    cAMP is crucially important to all cells [R13].
    Forskolin also influences a number of processes independent of cAMP [R14, R15, R16]
    Why Is cAMP So Important?
    Cyclic adenosine monophosphate or cAMP is a molecule derived from adenosine – a nucleotide that is also a part of DNA and RNA [R17].
    It activates several proteins, including protein kinase A, exchange protein activated by cAMP (Epac) and AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPKA) [R18]
    Through these proteins cAMP determines the reaction of the cells to hormones and maintains energy balance [R19].
    It was also reported to be involved in immune reactions [R20].
    It is a part of extremely complex processes, most of which are not fully understood [R21]. Forskolin plays an important role in investigating these processes [R12]
    It is also because of cAMP that forskolin has such diverse effect on the organism and is a promising therapy for many diseases.
    Where to Buy Forskolin
    Health Benefits of Forskolin
    1) Forskolin Helps To Lose Weight
    Both Coleus forskohli extract and pure forskolin supplement help fight obesity and weight gain [R22, R23].
    It was shown in the clinical trial that an extract of the plant Coleus forskohli together with the low-calorie diet can be useful for counteracting weight-gain due to metabolic issues [R22].
    Patients that were practicing low calorie diet and took the plant extract had lower weight and improved insulin resistance [R22].
    In overweight women, C. forskohli extract did not cause weight-loss directly, but prevented weight gain and did not have the side effects of other weight-loss supplements [R24].
    Forskolin supplement taken for obesity in obese and overweight men not only led to a decrease in body fat, but also increased testosterone levels and improved bone structure [R23]
    It was also shown that forskolin taken together with rolipram induced fat destruction and prevented weight gain [R25].
    The latter study has also shown that these effects were connected to the increase of cAMP levels [R25].
    Taken together with isoprenalin, forskolin improves blood flow and helps to destroy fat [R26]. This is likely because cAMP levels control rates of lipolysis [R18].
    cAMP also influences fat storage R27].
    On the other hand, the mechanisms activated by cAMP lead to a decrease in leptin – a hormone that suppresses appetite [R28].

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