Awake Nation

About Awake Nation

Are you one of those who sit in front of the television, surfing through the news channels, disgusted by the state of the country, the apathy, the crime and the harsh realities and flipping through the channel dismissing it off as something that can't be changed? Does the state of the nation anger and frustrate you? Do you feel helpless when you hear the plight of a victim ravaged by the brutalities of the society, who turn a blind eye to the lapses in the societal system and yet choose to victimize the victim instead? Have you ever felt the urge to change the scenario? To make a difference?

If your answer to all the above questions is a 'YES', then THIS is the opportunity for you to contribute to the society in your own small way.

AWAKE NATION, is best described as a platform to bring to light, the social causes and needs of the society, the issues that plague the societal framework and to identify the social deviants in it. Call us the Social Network for Social Causes, if you may. But at AwakeNation, we are much more than that.

e, at Awake Nation give a voice and platform to the collective anger that boils within the society. By being a registered member at Awake Nation, one can share the social causes they want to support. Anything and everything that disturbs you about the society will find its place at Awake Nation then be it the apathy with public administration or an instance of corruption, child labour, unemployment or something as grave as female foeticide, sexual harassment, and murder. Monthly forums presided over by eminent social workers and lawmakers would pave the way towards collectively strengthening the law and its enforcement.

The umbrella of Awake Nation extends from individuals to organizations all over India. Members can, not just contribute financially, but also volunteer for the activities initiated by the AwakeNation.

We, at Awake Nation also believe that it is important for the citizens to be aware of the society that they live in and be aware of the harsh realities. Well designed awareness campaigns for the masses, street plays, forums, seminars and volunteering efforts will awaken the masses to the hard facts and empower them against the ill treatment and injustice.

We are committed in our vision to build a society that cares for its people, is safe for its women and which sustains the goodness in people. Together, we can bring the change, together we can and together we will. Join hands with us in this endeavour. Let's make a difference.