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Create a New Angle with the Premium 3 in 1 Tripod by CamKix
  • Cannot hold up your video camera in a stable position long enough? Still using piles of books as a tripod for taking selfies? If you are having these issues, all you need is CamKix Premium 3 in 1 Tripod. This lightweight mini tripod is designed for smartphones, GoPro cameras, and other compact electronic cameras.

    The body of the tripod is made from high quality materials to ensure it gives right amount of support to keep your cameras safe and steady. Should people desire to dig up new info about Find out more at tripod base/, we recommend millions of online libraries you can investigate. There is a nonskid rubber tip at the end of each tripod foot which provides extra solid grip even on an unequal or slippery surface.

    This gadget is extreme handy when it comes to group selfies. Instead of having someone hold the camera and end up with an uncomplimentary angle, you can let the tripod do the work for you. Mount your cam of choice onto the tripod, place it at a preferable angle, and take the photo with the assistance of a timer app or with a remote control. By doing so, you will have more freedom to pose. You will always have time to find the perfect angle for yourself by utilizing the front camera of your phone.

    The other excellent thing about this tripod is the smart ball head locking system. With this system you can quickly adjust the angle you want by pushing the button to the right hand side, and lock by releasing it. Small features like this will have a great impact on how easily you can shoot.

    The socket on the top of the ball head includes a standard tripod screw. This enables the tripod to easily support all CamKix poles, so as to produce a height adjustable tripod mount. With the full extension of a CamKix pole, it can be utilized as a mic stand mount which is perfect for studio or stage recording. If you want to film from a lower angle to catch more details, simply shorten the pole to your desired height, and let the electronic camera roll. Lower angle always works well for activities like skateboarding, skating, and street dancing particularly with GoPro electronic cameras.

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