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  • Politics
    Issues pertaining to the politics of this nation, the political leaders, their policies, their conduct and their opinions on various issues of national interest are covered under this category. Awake Nation invites the citizens of this country to share their views on the above mentioned issues and enlighten us.
    11,584 discussions 13,738 comments
  • Corruption
    The minutest incidents of bribery and the monumental scams and scandals find their way in this category so that the citizens of this nation know the significance and the devastating effects of all forms of corruption. Awake Nation calls on all Indians to share all such information about people and places where they smell corruption so that we can discuss, debate and find a solution to the problem.
    6,283 discussions 6,287 comments
  • Crime
    Crimes take place everywhere around us but we do not react to them till someone of our own is affected by it. Since we are all a part of the larger family of humanity we consider it our duty to inform you and get your reactions on all the criminal activities taking place in your vicinity.
    6,344 discussions 6,352 comments
  • Health & Environment
    Epidemics and environmental catastrophes find their mention in newspapers only when they strike and are otherwise neglected. The Awake Nation community encourages the participants of the discussion forum to bring to the fore all issues which they think can have an impact on the health of people and our environment.
    6,242 discussions 6,248 comments
  • General Awareness
    It has been found in various surveys that people from one part of India know very little about their compatriots living in other parts of the country. To get rid of this lack of information, Awake Nation invites citizens from all over the country to chip in with the latest issues in their area and interact with each other on our discussion forum.
    12,006 discussions 12,043 comments

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